Modess, Florida USA

I found Soul Path Therapy Center and Women of Wisdom Instagram channel a few months ago. I've had a wonderful experience by taking the life analysis with Shanti at the Soul Path Therapy Center. I can happily say that all the information that Shanti had provided me about my personality are absolutely true! Believe it or not I didn't even meet her face to face!

I belong to an academic society and I can say that providing such information not only requires a good knowledge on psychology, numerology, and astrology but also requires a "pure-mind" which you can find in people who practice true meditation and prayer for years!

She did a great job on analyzing my name and date of birth. Her explanation helped me to know my strong and weak characteristics. I love my name more than ever!

Do NOT hesitate to contact her for “ Life Analysis“!

Make the right decision and move forward!

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