Service Prices


  • Improve your health and relationships
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Unblock your chakras and cleanse your aura
  • Find your balance and happiness

Spiritual Counselling

  • Personal Life (Name) Analysis: $250
    (One Name and One Date of Birth)

  • Couples Counselling: $550

  • Business Package
    Starting Fee $600
    (Business Owner Name, Business Name, Address, Signature)

  • Life Cycle Reading: $100

  • Crystal Bed Therapy: $120 (45 minutes)

  • Healing with Shanti: $250-350 per session
    (Depends on Technique)

  • Bio Feedback: $120
    (Aura, Chakra Assessment)

  • Sound Bath Meditations
    Personal: $150 per session
    Group of Three: $55 per person

  • Custom in person spiritual healing

  • Meditations can be in a group or private

Contact Us

Visit Us:  1490 West Pender Street, Vancouver BC, V6G 2T3

Phone: 604-767-8970

Instagram: @womenandwisdom and @soulpaththerapyshop